Roll up bet

roll up bet

and are not involved in any Re- Bet or roll - up to the next level. Re- Bets noch für Roll-Ups für das nächste Level verwendet werden. The below table indicates fields will be available at each roll - up when making Rollup level: BET. SIDE. MARKET. EVENT. EVENT_TYPE. So if the first bet on a £10 stake won at , the amount rolled forward onto the next bet would be £60, and so on. Also: Roll - up. See parlay. Ante post. These bets. roll up bet Super Heinz This is a multiple bet consisting of bets on seven selections from different events. A Canadian also known as a Super Yankee consists of 26 bets involving 5 selections in different events. Down bet See sell. Book A bookmaker who often works from a betting shop, though increasingly over the Internet or by telephone will open a book of bets, in other words, he will come up with online handy games android range of bets and an opening betting market for a horse race. S forecasts are the returns used by bookmakers to calculate forecast bets roll up bet Betting - Usually applied to bets made in betting shops in accordance with pre-race odds. Odds Basically odds represent the chance of your horse winning - as defined by the bookmaker.


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