Tracke deine Gegner auf einfache Weise mit Jivaro, ein ansprechendes Gratis- HUD für PokerStars. The next generation of intuitive poker tools and community. Jivaro is a free hud for PokerStars: https://www. faustspielen.win PDF Guide. jivaro

Jivaro - wenn

Developers of the software decided on the very specific set of stats after extensive conversations with a group of top pro players. You can use your timeline to arrange a group session. Hi Zur ersten Frage kann ich nicht helfen. Those stats can help you decide if you want to continue playing on a particular table. Jivaro aims to level the playing field by providing everyone with access to a powerful and easy to use heads-up display. Why is that important? I Free games 1000 I Öffentliches Profil ansehen Eine Private Nachricht an I Scipio I schicken Mehr Beiträge von I Scipio I finden. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Andernfalls setzen wir dein Jivaro voraus. VPIP Voluntarily Put money In PotPFR Pre Flop Raiseand AFq Aggression Frequencyplus the number of hands you played against certain players.


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